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185851 (2000 DP107)
Classification: APO [NEO, PHA]
H:18.2 mag, G:0.15
Wavefront file Reference: 2015AJ....150...54N

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History of Radar Detections
Year Month Transmitter Receiver Frequency Obs
2000 Sep Goldstone Goldstone 8560 [G]
2000 Sep Arecibo Arecibo 2380 [A]
2008 Sep Goldstone Goldstone 8560 [G]
2008 Sep Arecibo Arecibo 2380 [A]
2016 Aug Arecibo Arecibo 2380 [A]

Radar-Based Physical Properties
name symbol value units uncertainty reference notes
number of components N 2 - binary 2002Sci...296.1445M
morphological type multiple
spectrum-based or image-based dimensions
maximum range extent Rmax km
minimum range extent Rmin km
maximum Doppler bandwidth Bmax Hz
minimum Doppler bandwidth Bmin Hz
effective diameter Deff km
quality code for size Q
shape-based dimensions
equivalent diameter Dequ 0.279 km
extent along principal axis x Ex 0.313 km
extent along principal axis y Ey 0.32 km
extent along principal axis z Ez 0.252 km
DEEVE extent along x Dx 0.31 km
DEEVE extent along y Dy 0.284 km
DEEVE extent along z Dz 0.245 km
surface area A 0.263 km2
volume V 0.011 km3
spin period Pspin 41.976 h
spin rate ω deg/day
YORP acceleration ω̇ deg/day2
spin axis ecliptic longitude λ deg
spin axis ecliptic latitude β deg
radar cross-section OC σOC km2
radar cross-section SC σSC km2
radar cross-section σT km2
projected area Aproj km2
radar albedo OC σ̂OC
radar albedo SC σ̂SC
radar albedo σ̂T
circular polarization ratio μC

Binary Orbital Elements at Epoch 51810.0000 (ecliptic J2000)
Reference: 2002Sci...296.1445M
Element Value Units
e 0.02833
a 2.6948 km
i 85.99417 deg
om 235.08705 deg
w 274.41883 deg
ma 357.14203 deg
n 206.1903686 deg/d

Link to complete orbital information at Minor Planet Center

Earth Close-Approach Data (+/- 10 years)
date nominal distance RTT SNR/run at Arecibo
2016-04-02 04:26:00 0.43301 432.1 0.2
2016-08-12 22:12:00 0.17100 170.7 6.0
2024-07-04 04:45:00 0.21374 213.3 2.7

Link to complete Close-Approach Data on SBDB at JPL