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164121 (2003 YT1)
Classification: APO [NEO, PHA]
H:16.2 mag, G:0.15

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History of Radar Detections
Year Month Transmitter Receiver Frequency Obs
2004 May Arecibo Arecibo 2380 [A]
2016 Oct Goldstone Goldstone 8560 [G]
2016 Oct Arecibo Arecibo 2380 [A]
2016 Oct Goldstone Arecibo 8560 [G-A]

Radar-Based Physical Properties
name symbol value units uncertainty reference notes
number of components N 2 - binary
morphological type
spectrum-based or image-based dimensions
maximum range extent Rmax km
minimum range extent Rmin km
maximum Doppler bandwidth Bmax Hz
minimum Doppler bandwidth Bmin Hz
effective diameter Deff km
quality code for size Q
shape-based dimensions
equivalent diameter Dequ km
extent along principal axis x Ex km
extent along principal axis y Ey km
extent along principal axis z Ez km
DEEVE extent along x Dx km
DEEVE extent along y Dy km
DEEVE extent along z Dz km
surface area A km2
volume V km3
spin period Pspin h
spin rate ω deg/day
YORP acceleration ω̇ deg/day2
spin axis ecliptic longitude λ deg
spin axis ecliptic latitude β deg
radar cross-section OC σOC km2
radar cross-section SC σSC km2
radar cross-section σT km2
projected area Aproj km2
radar albedo OC σ̂OC
radar albedo SC σ̂SC
radar albedo σ̂T
circular polarization ratio μC 0.61 0.06 2008Icar..198..294B Date: 2004T

Orbital Elements at Epoch 2019-04-27 00:00 TT from MPO475408 (heliocentric ecliptic J2000)
Element Value Units
e 0.2919457
a 1.1096201 AU
i 44.06217 deg
om 38.33372 deg
w 91.04105 deg
ma 348.7062 deg
n 0.8432233 deg/d

Link to complete orbital information at Minor Planet Center

Earth Close-Approach Data (+/- 10 years)
date nominal distance RTT SNR/run at Arecibo
2009-10-28 12:25:00 0.11925 119.0 54.0
2011-05-05 08:20:00 0.16785 167.5 16.4
2016-10-31 09:25:00 0.03477 34.7 3811.9
2018-05-08 16:13:00 0.25605 255.5 3.8
2023-11-03 12:33:00 0.05936 59.2 606.3
2025-05-11 15:27:00 0.33383 333.2 1.5

Link to complete Close-Approach Data on SBDB at JPL