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523775 (2014 YB35)
Classification: APO [NEO, PHA]
H:19 mag, G:0.15

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History of Radar Detections
Year Month Transmitter Receiver Frequency Obs
2015 Mar Goldstone Goldstone 8560 [G]

Radar-Based Physical Properties

Orbital Elements at Epoch 2019-04-27 00:00 TT from MPO450822 (heliocentric ecliptic J2000)
Element Value Units
e 0.483255
a 1.876569 AU
i 12.6405 deg
om 3.76345 deg
w 188.63311 deg
ma 209.72832 deg
n 0.38340454 deg/d

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Earth Close-Approach Data (+/- 10 years)
date nominal distance RTT SNR/run at Arecibo
2015-03-27 06:20:00 0.02990 29.8 493.4

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