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771 Libera
Classification:  []
H:10.3 mag, G:0.15

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History of Radar Detections
Year Month Transmitter Receiver Frequency Obs
2008 Nov Arecibo Arecibo 2380 [A]

Radar-Based Physical Properties
name symbol value units uncertainty reference notes
number of components N
morphological type
spectrum-based or image-based dimensions
maximum range extent Rmax km
minimum range extent Rmin km
maximum Doppler bandwidth Bmax 135 Hz 40 2010Icar..208..221S
minimum Doppler bandwidth Bmin 135 Hz 40 2010Icar..208..221S
effective diameter Deff 29 km 2010Icar..208..221S Lower bound. No uncertainty given.
quality code for size Q 1 JLM
shape-based dimensions
equivalent diameter Dequ km
extent along principal axis x Ex km
extent along principal axis y Ey km
extent along principal axis z Ez km
DEEVE extent along x Dx km
DEEVE extent along y Dy km
DEEVE extent along z Dz km
surface area A km2
volume V km3
spin period Pspin h
spin rate ω deg/day
YORP acceleration ω̇ deg/day2
spin axis ecliptic longitude λ deg
spin axis ecliptic latitude β deg
radar cross-section OC σOC km2
radar cross-section SC σSC km2
radar cross-section σT km2
projected area Aproj km2
radar albedo OC σ̂OC
radar albedo SC σ̂SC
radar albedo σ̂T
circular polarization ratio μC

Orbital Elements at Epoch 2019-04-27 00:00 TT from MPO473772 (heliocentric ecliptic J2000)
Element Value Units
e 0.247338
a 2.6535944 AU
i 14.92814 deg
om 218.18782 deg
w 227.58498 deg
ma 136.17557 deg
n 0.22800914 deg/d

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